Privacy Policy

Last update: 2018-05-16 (UTC)

Purpose of data processing

Data collected by qlstats

qlstats receives match statistics from registered Quake Live game servers and uses the Steam Server Browser API to get live data of current games on these registered server. Players are identified by their Steam-ID.

For the purpose of keeping the site secure and operational, IP addresses may be temporarily written to log files. Logs will be kept no longer than 24 hours.

If you decide to delete your account, qlstats will keep your Steam-ID on record for 30 days and will not let you sign-up again during this time to prevent abusive reset of your ratings.

qlstats does NOT know a player's real name, home address, e-mail address or ip-address.
In your privacy settings you can choose to stay anonymous. In this case only your steam-id and current ratings are stored by qlstats, nothing else.

Data sharing

qlstats provides public access to specific personal data: Raw match data may be given to 3rd parties (i.e. game server owners), if they guarantee compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. These 3rd parties are:

In addition to intended data sharing it is beyond the control of qlstats if 3rd parties scrape information from the publicly available web pages.

Privacy settings

Registered players can set preferences about the information they want to share: